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Videos – NJFOG Seminars

Learning about OPMA and OPRA

In 2012, the New Jersey Foundation for Open Government (NJFOG) held a seminar to discuss the Open Public Meetings Act and the Open Public Records Act.  The seminar included the experiences, expertise, and insights of a few very several very special speakers, including open government advocate, an attorney, and a retired municipal clerk.

The main speaker of this event was John Paff, a dedicated open government gadfly (I say this in a very positive way) who seeks out local NJ governments that delay and deny the public’s OPMA and OPRA rights.  John regularly takes governmental violators to court to encourage the cooperation of local officials and to create new state legislation.

NJFOG (2012) – published on YouTube on Apr 18, 2014

If you are interested sunshine laws, the YouTube videos below are a must watch – and should be viewed by every elected representative and appointed official that serves the pubic from a public body.

NJFOG Bradley Beach (November 10, 2010) – published on Aug 14, 2014

New Jersey Foundation for Open Government (NJFOG) presentation at the Bradley Beach Firehouse Banquet Hall on November 10, 2010 with Walter Luers, John Paff, and Michael Pierone.