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Local Codes

NJ Boroughs are permitted to make their own laws.  The collection of Borough laws is often referred to as the Code or the General Code.  The Code may be organized into Chapters, Sections, and Articles.  A law is created (or later modified) by the Governing Body’s approval of an ordinance.  The Codes of several Boroughs can be found below.

Many Boroughs will maintain their Code in a big 3-ring binder (500 to 1,000 pages) – and make it available at Borough Hall for review upon request (per OPRA).  In our on-line digital world, Boroughs are posting their Code on specialty web sites (e.g., http://www.GeneralCode.com) for easy public access.  These sites provide a limited set of features to view, search, and print their content.  As such, to demonstrate another method of providing each Borough’s laws, I have downloaded the Code of several nearby Boroughs – and have converted them to PDF files – and make them available below.

Feel free to download these files.  They have been renamed using our naming scheme and have been fully processed to provide easy text selection, searching, and printing.