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More Transparency

This article will introduce several ideas on how our local government can communicate more effectively with the public.  Please note that these recommendations are not required by law.  If the Mayor and Council supports any of these ideas, that can be implemented immediately.

  1. When the M&C go into a Closed Session meeting that excludes the public, OPMA requires that the Council adopts a resolution that include the rationale as to why the public needs to be excluded.  The most recent and frequently used rationale is litigation.  However, no additional details are provided.  Why not include the legal case of issue that will be discussed?
  2. When the M&C go into a Closed Session meeting, OPMA requires that minutes be taken.  This minutes are considered confidential until the issue is resolved.  Then, the minutes are no longer subject to OPRA/OPMA exceptions and should be be posted to the Borough web site, AllendaleNJ.gov
  3. At each Work Session of the Mayor and Council, the Mayor has traditionally updated the community via a series of comments contained in the Mayor’s Report.  Once revealed, the Mayor’s Report becomes a government record.  It should be published on the Borough web site immediately after the meeting.
  4. All Ordinances and Resolutions be published on the Borough after each is distributed to the Mayor and Council and before it is voted on.
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