OLD Borough On The Record

A discussion of open and efficient government

Starting at the beginning

Workflow and Style is concept that can apply to any person or organization.

It is not only for families and businesses.  Local governments and community boards can also benefit from more review of their operations and implementation of new productivity measures.

My comments will focus on the time I served as a Member of the Allendale Borough Council (2003-2008) and as a Member of the Allendale Planning Board.  In this and future articles, I will highlight my experiences, my training and preparation, and the results of my efforts on these municipal bodies.  From these stories, I hope to help any current and future public servants – and the residents they serve – more efficient, effective, and productive.

Starting at the beginning

Why is all of this important.  Whether you are a resident or a elected official, you need to know the law.  You need to make sure everybody is doing their job correctly.

In 2002, a seat on the Allendale Borough Council was available as one of the current Councilmembers retired from the Council.  One of my local buddies, involved in local politics, approached me to run for Council.  Until that time, I had attended numerous Council meetings, typically as an observer of some controversial issue.  I had no idea what was involved in serving as a Councilman.

Within a few months, I agreed to run, received the support of a local political group, and was elected to a three year term beginning the first week of 2003.

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