Find below links to pages on the Borough web site that you should visit regularly to stay-up-to-date on what’s going on at Allendale’s Borough Hall:

To access Allendale’s official municipal public records, there are two major official resources – (1) the Borough web site and (2) the Borough Clerk.  Your ability to access these records is a function of the Open Public Records Act (OPRA), the interests of the current Governing Body, and the cooperation of the Borough Clerk.

The Borough web site,, provides a lot of official public information.  Please note that the availability of a municipal web site or the extent of its contents are not required or defined by law – and are subject to the interests of the current Governing Body.

The Borough Clerk is the official municipal Records Custodian and is legally required to provide public information as defined by law.  Information can be requested by visiting the Clerk’s Office at Borough Hall or by making an OPRA request.

Requesting public records. Some of Allendale’s public records may not be readily available and may require an OPRA request, made to the Borough Clerk, Anne Dodd, AnneDodd@AllendaleNJ.govThe Borough web site provides a form to make an OPRA request.  To learn more about the procedures involved in making an OPRA request, visit our guide Making an OPRA Request – The basics.

Our Laws – aka The Code.   The official Code of the Borough of Allendale is available at eCode360 Library. The Borough pays a fee to maintain this on-line document.  While our laws are regularly updated by the Council passing new Ordinances, this on-line version is typically updated only twice a year, without an official schedule. When reviewing our Code, also review recently approved Ordinances to make sure you have the latest information.