Many families and local organizations have shared with us their collections of documents, letters, photos, postcards, maps, and more.  So, are you ready to be a contributor to Borough On the Record?

If you have items from Allendale’s past, why not share them?  Send us what you have – snail mail, email, drop off.  We scan and process each item, then return everything to you typically within a week or two.  We don’t keep anything.  All we ask is to make your contributions part of our digital collection, available to future generations.

How it works

Everything is FREE.  I digitize everything, then return digital images to you.  All I ask is your permission to share the digital images as part of the Borough On The Record collection.

Send me the items

  • If you’re in the Allendale area, drop off your items.
  • Out of the area, mail them.
  • If you have done a good job digitizing them, email them.

Digital processing

  • I use high resolution scanners to capture the best quality image of each item.
  • Each document is processed with Optical Character Recognition to permit word searching.
  • Each digital file is named using a proprietary naming scheme I developed.

Everything returned

  • I don’t keep anything.  Typically, my work is done within a week or two.
  • When processing is completed, I copy every digital image onto a CD or USB drive and return to you for your use.