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Important Links

The following web sites contain important information:


New Jersey State League of Municipalities – an important advocacy group for NJ municipalities.

New Jersey Clerks Desk Reference – the go-to guide for Municipal Clerks

NJ Permanent Statues – a listing of all New Jersey statutes with search capability

Municipal Codes

New Jersey’s municipalities publish their complete laws (their Code) using the following on-line services:

General Code

Coded Systems LLC


New Jersey Foundation for Open Government – an advocacy group that advances governmental transparency.

NEW JERSEY OPRA LAW REPORTER – OPRA case law updates for New Jersey public officials

Government Records Council OPRA Court Decisions – Broken into categories.


Could Open Data Stop Abuse Of New Jersey’s OPRA Law?

Records damage

https://www.archives.gov/st-louis/military-personnel/fire-1973.html  Military records lost in massive fire

http://americancityandcounty.com/products-work/new-york-county-salvages-1700-storm-damaged-boxes-court-records  New York county salvages 1,700 storm-damaged boxes of court records

Joint Insurance Fund Webinars

http://www.njmel.org/index.php/16-videos/60-management-webinars   Includes webinars about a variety of risk related topics.  It’s great!

Since 1985, the MEL system has become one of the most successful shared services programs in the state’s history – saving New Jersey taxpayers over $1.1 billion to date. The MEL is a governmental entity that provides excess insurance and services to 19 local Joint Insurance Funds (JIFs) representing over 72% of local governments in New Jersey including 375 municipalities, 72 utility authorities, 89 housing authorities and 39 Fire/First Aid Districts. With an annual budget of $210 million and a statutory surplus of over $175 million, New Jersey’s MEL system is the largest municipal property/casualty risk pool in the country.

Digital risk:  http://www.njmel.org/images/Technology_Risk/BLGRC-managing-technology-risks.pdf