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Borough On The Record is dedicated to promoting the policies, protocols, and procedures that the public should be aware of to maximize their resident experience.

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Open Government is about your rights to witness the deliberations and decisions of our elected and appointed officials.

In recent years, my interest in local issues has required me to request public documents from my Borough Hall.  I quickly learned that requesting information triggers a legal process that can be cumbersome – to both me and the Borough Staff.

To effectively gather documents, I needed to develop an expertise in two NJ Laws – the Open Public Meetings Act (OPMA) and the Open Public Records Act (OPRA).   As an IT professional specializing in document science and workflow, I began to think about how I could improve the Borough’s procedures for gathering, organizing, and sharing public records.  After a lot of consideration and testing, Borough On The Record was born.

I thought it would be interesting to apply my Workflow and Style approach to the operations of my local government.  And so, starting mid 2016, I began collecting and reviewing thousands of public records from the Borough of Allendale.  All of the records I have collected are available on this site, most available from our Archives.  Each of of these records has been processed to maximize its value to the public – renamed for easy identification, converted to PDF, and processed with OCR for text selection and searching.

Most of Allendale’s records I have gathered originated from the Borough’s Records Custodian, where they are stored in a safe or on an internal server.  Some I downloaded from the Borough web site.

Some records are easy to request, some can be a struggle.  You can’t effectively access public records without knowing the laws that support your rights to an open government, specifically the Open Public Meetings Act and the Open Public records Act.  And so, I have included hundreds of documents and on-line resources in our Research Library and Important Links to help you become a better student of the operations of your location government and the laws that protect your rights.

Finally, as I have been involved in IT, local government, and Allendale for a long time,  I have many suggestions regarding how to make my government more open and efficient.  I share them on our Blog.  Your feedback would be appreciated.

I am a long-time and full-time IT professional specializing in using technology to make professionals and organizations more efficient.  During my 37 years as an Allendale resident, I have served as a Member of the Borough Council, Planning  Board, and as President of the Chamber of Commerce.  I have appeared before the Board of Adjustment for a variance, before the Planning Board for a Use Permit, and, have testified before a NJ Senate Committee to gain funds to enclose a nearby open-air gun range.  I have had a front row seat at many levels of local government.  Your comments and questions are encouraged.[/wpum_restrict_to_user_roles]