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Allendale HISTORY and GOVERNMENT. THE 2018 BUDGET is coming. The deliberations and the decisions of our Mayor and Council are always newsworthy and historically significant.
The next meeting of the Mayor and Council is scheduled for this Thursday, March 22, 2018, beginning at 7:30pm. The meeting agendas, typically posted on the Borough web site the afternoon before or the morning of each M&C meeting, will tell you what issues the M&C will be deliberating and deciding on.
Historically, during March-April, the Borough’s annual budget is revealed for Introduction and Final approval. As such, there is a reasonable chance that the Borough’s 2018 annual budget will be Introduced at this meeting (or the following April 12 meeting). To determine what actions the Council may take, check the Resolutions included within the Regular Session Agenda.
Almost one year ago, on March 23, 2017, the Borough’s annual budget was Introduced to the public for the first of two required affirming votes of the Council. On that date, the Council approved Resolution 17-105 to Introduce the budget, The Budget was subsequently approved on a second required Final vote on April 27, 2017.
A budget is like a little crystal ball – it reveals a lot about the monies available to the Borough for services, schools, and security – as well as the intended goals of the Governing Body for existing and new projects. Given some of the issues addressed by the M&C in 2017, the 2018 budget might reveal the Council’s interest in funding for a band shell at Crestwood or plans to develop a new Municipal Building at our recently purchased West Crescent property.
A majority vote of the Council is required to approve the annual budget. The Mayor has no vote here. Once approved, NJ law requires that our municipal budget be provided to the public in an easy to read format – called the User-Friendly budget. The attached image is the cover page of our 2017 User-Friendly budget.
The complete 2017 User-Friendly budget is available on the Borough web site at: http://allendalenj.gov/…/…/2014/01/Copy-of-0201_fbi_2017.pdf
If you want to meet your elected representatives and learn how your government operates, let me recommend that you attend at least one M&C meeting. If you want to learn more about or comment on how your tax dollars are spent, follow the upcoming M&C agendas to determine which meeting will Introduce the 2018 budget.

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