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2006 M&C Minutes – Not very public

This video details my 9/11/16 visit to the Allendale Borough Hall to look at the minutes of all 2006 Allendale Mayor and Council meetings.

These 2006 minutes are stored on paper and contained in a 2 glue bound-binders – stored in a walk-in vault.  They are public records.  The New Jersey Open Public Records Act (OPRA) requires these documents be made available to you.  However, your access to these and other public records may not be easy.

You may view these and other public records at Borough Hall (you must make an appointment with the Records Custodian).  There is no public copying machine on site.  You can use your camera to photograph any and all pages. 

If you want a paper copy of PDF file of any page or document, you must make an Open Public Records Act request.  The Records Custodian has 7 days to respond to your request, which may be approved and completed, delayed due to the complexity of the request, or may require special service charges if he Records Custodian deems the request is extraordinary. 

These are public records.  They are stored in a vault alongside many years of meeting minutes of our M&C, Planning Board, Board of Adjustment, and more.  These documents should be scanned and posted on the Borough web site.

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