Ready, Set … Preview

Our new web site,, is now available for its preview.  Lots more to do.  Lots of changes in the works. After almost two years of gathering and digitizing thousands of Allendale's historic treasures, we are ready to begin sharing our collection.  If you have documents, photos, scrapbooks to share, please become a [...]

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Lee Memorial Library Meeting Minutes

We have a collection of meeting minutes of the Board of Trustees of the Lee Memorial Library from 1953 through 1974. [useyourdrive dir="1oCh9xZEeSVKZ9oYtVGakGr67LK0srjCs" [...]

Allendale Public School Yearbooks

We have several books from 1961 through 1977. [useyourdrive dir="1dTuPuD0efP8cJ8IyI6oEbM165yXstdrB" mode="files" includeext="jpg|pdf|txt" excludeext="ini" viewrole="all" [...]

History and Heritage Newsletters

Allendale History and Heritage Newsletters, from 1974 thru 1999.  Most written and produced by Patricia Webb Wardell and Allendale Historical Society.  Newsletters [...]

Allendale Press Newspapers

We have an incredible collection of editions of the Allendale Press from 1951 - 1957.  Contributed by Eric Johnson, son of former Allendale Mayor Leslie [...]